What Can I Do If Someone Put Sugar In My Gas Tank?


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Today is your lucky day. L had that happen to me too. Dropped the gas tank and there was the sugar in one pile sitting in the bottom of the tank. Cleaned up the mess and went on my way. After that experience l felt that sugar does nothing to the engine but l would not recomemend taking a chance because l do not know how sugar reacts over a period of time. So get the gas drained and cleaned and be more careful who you get mad.
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What can I do if some one put sugar in my gas tank?I have a 2003 ford f150 with a4.2 liter v6 and yes I did run the truck for about 3 minutes then shut it off the truck then would not start.can this be fixed or is the motor screwed?
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If the car has been run after the sugar,the engine is probably damaged.other wise the tank should be removed and cleaned very well or replaced. This will be covered by insurance if you have it. The car will probably be written off
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How much will it cost to repair my car if someone put sugar in the gas tank of a 2008 range rover?

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