Which Car's Name Is The Spanish Word For "Charming"?


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Matiz is not Charming in spanish. Sorry. Matiz is more like hue or tone, if referred to colors, or nuance or overtone, if referred to speech.Sorry pal, Very bad translation here...
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The car whose name has been derived from the Spanish word for 'Charming' is Daewoo Matiz. 'Matiz' is the Spanish word for 'charming'. This South Korean car has been awarded the 'most beautiful car' award and the 'best small car' award at the prestigious international automobile shows in Milan, Italy and the United Kingdom respectively.

It was designed by the Italian designer Giorgetto Guigiaro. Daewoo Matiz is the only car in India to successfully pass a stringent test called the 40 per cent Offset Frontal Crash Test. Though it appears to be small in size on the outside, it has a very spacious and roomy interior, and passengers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The Daewoo Matiz also conforms to a very strict set of safety norms, collectively known as the European Safety Regulations. The Matiz has an engine capacity of 796 cubic centimetres, which produces 52 brake horsepower with a torque of 73 kilogram-metres.

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