How Do U Remove The Dashboard In A 01 Cadillac Deville?


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You will find some great instructions on how to remove the dashboard of a Cadillac Deville from a fellow owner at the following forum:
Ask at a garage

However if you are not used to carrying out moderations such as this to a car then it is probably best to seek advice or help from a local garage. Although you may think it is cheaper to do the job yourself, many like this can end up being a lot trickier than you first thought. You may be able to take it off but then not be able to put it back on.

Also if the dashboard is at all damaged during the process or removal then it could result in you needing to fork out for a whole new dashboard. Whereas if you let an expert do it such as a mechanic or car panel fitter then they are sure to do a good job first time round.

Consult your driver's manual

You might wish to consult your driver's manual before proceeding with the removal of the dashboard as there may well be a detailed diagram and any warnings about doing this. You should be able to locate your manual in the passenger side glove box unless you have moved it.

Even if you end up doing the job yourself it is probably worth talking to someone at a garage first or asking someone on a car forum such as the one provided at the start of this answer. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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