How Do I Replace The Thermostat On A 1999 Chrysler 300 M And Is It Hard To Do?


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Rena Chisholm answered
First off, are you sure the thermostat is the problem? Does the radiator cooling fan come on when the engine temperature gets warm? To determine if the fan motor is okay, it should come on when you turn on the air conditioner. There may be two fans, one that comes on from engine temperature and one that comes on for the A/C condensor. Regardless, at least one fan should be blowing whenever you have the A/C on.
Thermostat failure will cause your engine to overheat after a few miles of driving when you start out with the engine cold.
Check this out first, it might not be your thermostat.
Then, if that all fails, buy a manual at the auto parts store for your car. Cost; about ten dollars for manual.

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