What Kind Of Transmission Fluid Goes In A 98 Dodge Dakota Manual?


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No, 80-90 weight is not right. You will screw up your trans! I own a 1998 Dodge Dakota 5.2 liter V8 with the NV3500 transmission and my owners manual calls for Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid ONLY!  Check your owners manual if you have it, if not call your local parts store and check for yourself. There are cheaper alternatives, but if your truck is high mileage, has had several previous owners, or you don't know how well the truck has been maintained in the past I would suggest you stick with the Mopar MT Fluid. 2 quarts will fill it, most parts stores carry a suction filler to make the job very easy.(I am female and do this job and others myself regularly) I change my MTF every 30,000 miles, BUT I do a lot of in town driving, and I also use the truck for mudding and off roading so there is quite a bit of strain put on my trans. I think the manual suggests changing the fluid every 60,000-75,000 miles. Hope this helps! :)

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