How Do I Program A 2003 Ford F150 Remote?


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Start with all of the key fobs that you want to program. It used to be up to 4, but I just did 5 on my F150. You can't add a single fob, you replace the ones stored. When you start the process, you clear the previous ones out of memory, so you have to do all of them each time you add one.

Get in the truck, close the door.
Put the key in the ignition and turn the truck from off-on (not start, but run/on) 8 times. Do it fairly quickly, but you don't have to rush like a madman.
The last turn, stop in on.
The door locks will cycle to confirm.
Press the unlock button on each fob, one at a time. The locks will cycle to confirm.

Enjoy your new fob.

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