Are Prime Well Tires Ok?


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My son and I just made a trip 1/4/2010 from Minneapolis to the Portland, and the coast, on a new set of primewell tires he put on his Chevy Aveo  size 185/65 14". The tire is a major improvement over the OEMs that came on the car. The tire never broke loose once on snow or going through the wet mountains (-5 in MN  --  27-36 in the mountains.)  Ice was another story, the tire preformed like any other; but if you can tell me a tire that does well on ice that is not specifically designed for those conditions, I'd like to know. These tires performed well on this 1900 mile trip; 800 miles or better of which, were mountain roads. I think the 40,000 mile warranty must mean the rubber compound is a bit softer and better in cold weather.  People say you get what you pay for. I say, I'd rather buy a 40,000 mile tire for $54.00 and replace them in 3 years than buy a 65,000 mile tire for $65.00 to $90.00 that gets hard in the cold (live in MN) and wont hold the road and will be replaced in 4 years. I will be buying these tires for my Dodge.

J. M. (Minneapolis, MN)

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