How Much Is Suzuki Alto In Philippine Peso?


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Hi Janet,

I guess it depends on the model, if it is new or second hand and if there's any offer during the period you're planning on buying the car.

According to the official Suzuki website, a brand new Suzuki Alto 800 0.8L Standard would be  ₱ 388,000 with a 3 years warranty. The deluxe model would cost more:  ₱ 438,000, always with a 3 years warranty.

Other models like the Alto K10 would cost slightly more. If you want to have a look personally, here is the price-list found on the website, that might help you see directly the prices.

Alternatively, you could try and find a good deal in a secondhand store, company or website that might be more affordable than the full price. You can find some here and here.

Hope this helps!

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