How Do You Install The Rocker Switch On The Panel For The Bilge Pump?


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Cut a mortice to fit the switch frame next to your electrical panel or whatever wood/fiberglass surface in which you choose to place it; run a 14-16 AGW marine wire (red) from the switch "load" terminal to the positive pump wire, inserting the AMP rated fuse specified by the pump directions between those wires; run a similar wire from the switch "line" terminal to the positive post of a 12 volt battery; run a similar black wire from the pump to the negative battery terminal.

The rocker switch package may describe how to insert the switch and tell you how to wire the pump to the switch and batteries.

The bilge bump package will describe how to wire and fuse the pump, plus set up the auto float switch if present.

For answers to comparable boat electrical questions see, "The 12 volt Bible," and Nigel Calder's "Boat & Mechanical Maintenance(?)."

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