How To Identify That Timing Belt Has Broken?


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Here are some commonly used ways to identify that time belt has sapped:
The best way to make sure for a failed belt is to remove the belt cover and inspect the belt. If the cover is hard to remove, and the engine has a distributor, you can remove the distributor cap and slowly revolve the crank pulley by hand (don't use the starter to crank the engine if it is an interference application). If the rotor turns, the belt is intact.

No rotor movement would tell you the belt has broken. Another way to identify a broken timing belt is to pull the valve cover and watch the OHC cam or valves while the engine is hand cranked. No OHC cam or valve movement means the belt has failed. Yet another way to detect this kind of trouble is to check compression while cranking the engine (same precautions apply as above with interference engines!).

No compression means the valves are not opening and closing because the belt has snapped or broken.Computerized engine controls vehicles:On vehicles that are set with computerized engine controls; a failed OHC timing belt may also generate a "no ignition pickup signal" error code.
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Does it turn over? If the cam turns on most cars you can look through where the oil cap goes by removing the cap, if not you will have to remove the cam belt cover , don't forget to crank over the car wile looking.

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