How Many Miles/kilometres Is It From Swansea To Carmarthen, UK?


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The distance is just 28.2 miles between Swansea to Carmarthen and as the distance is quite short and you can cover it in just 40 minutes. There are some particular roads that can lead you to your destination and New Cut Road and B4489 are among those roads.

The point where you are starting your journey is the city that can boast of being the most beautiful places in the world as when somebody takes the aerial picture of Swansea Bay you are bound to fall in love with the blue water of the bay.

The place where you are heading towards is another beautiful place and whenever you are there you can enjoy the snowy winds of the place. Besides having the snowy winds there is another beauty that you can find in Carmarthen and that is the River Tywi. So enjoy your stay over there.

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