What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Transportation?


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Transportation is a necessity for both people and freight, and in both cases there are advantages and disadvantages. Businesses have to decide how best to move their goods to get them to the customer and the factors they need to take into account are cost, convenience, reliability and pollution.

For instance, while transporting goods by road may be convenient and flexible it can also be harmful to the environment, causing noise and pollution. Using rail is more environmentally sustainable, but this can be expensive and routes are limited.

For long distance journeys air or sea transportation may be required. Exporting and importing goods on container ships is widespread and is generally a cost effective option. This does not cover the whole of the journey however, so another transport mode is be required when the cargo reaches land. Sending goods by plane can be expensive financially and environmentally and there is great concern about food air miles.

Increasingly, couriers are being used to deliver items locally or as the last stage of the journey. This method can be fast, reliable and safe but the downside of the service is its expense and availability may be limited.

Transportation of people is a subject of much political debate due mainly to economic and environmental issues. People have long recognized the advantages of travelling by road in their own vehicle - comfort and convenience being the most obvious. However, there is mounting pressure on local highway authorities to persuade people to switch to more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as buses, trains and cycles.

While these modes can be less stressful than being trapped in your car in a traffic jam, public transport can also be the source of stress if unreliable. There are still safety issues with cycling, despite significant resources invested in addressing this with the implementation of cycling lanes and awareness schemes.
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Advantages- helps in transporting goods and passengers from one place to another helps us reaching a place faster.

Disadvantages- leads to death of million of people daily.
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A disadvantage is that it also pollutes the environment, whereas it is also convenient, making people lazy.
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It helps in transporting goods & services whereas business persons can be able to transport there goods so they can make a profit.
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Many people get employment because there will be more job opportunities if many building materials are transported to build industries and factories.
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The main advantage of land transportation over air is cost.  It is cheaper to ship by land than air.  The main disadvantage is that land is slower.
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There are several disadvantages of the Public Transport System.  

1. Public transport is not under your control, the timings are never correct and sometimes do not suit you.

2.  Public transport drivers
are very rash and driver miserably which is hazardous to passengers

3.  Sometimes they do not stop at the designated stops and one has to keep waiting

4.  One has to plan well in advance if one has to use public transport, leading to wastage of time.

5. Public transport is terribly crowded making it difficult for old people, pregnant, sick persons to travel
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More pollution is been carried out.
The traffic increases.
Expensive if it is air or sea transport.

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