How Does An Immersion Heater Work?


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Immersion heaters are a popular variety of electrical water heater that use heating elements that are actually placed inside the water in order to bring the temperature of the water up. However, in the modern age in which we reside the term immersion heater will generally be used to describe a water tank heater that is powered by electricity. Many heaters in the modern age use gas rather than electricity as it tends to be substantially cheaper but there are still a number of advantages to using electricity, which explains why the immersion heater is still a popular product. The immersion heater works in the same manner as the majority of gas heaters. You will have a large insulated tank with two pipes attached; one is to let the cold water in and the other to let the heated water out. The tank is controlled by a thermostat; the thermostat will constantly monitor the temperature of the water. If the temperature of the water drops too low, the thermostat will ensure that the temperature is brought back up to the required level. The main factor that sets the immersion heater apart from the gas heater is the method in which the water is heated. The gas heated has a burner below the water tank where the hot gases are used to heat the water. The immersion heater is much more effective - it heats the water directly from inside the tank so that no energy is allowed to escape. There are one or more heating elements placed directly inside the water tank and a strong electric current is passed through the elements to heat them up, almost like a giant kettle. It is an extremely efficient method of heating water and much quicker than the gas heater.
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My immersion heater is heating water to hand hot only, is the thermostat to blame as I have checked the electric timer and that seems to be ok, also the thermostat has not been turned down , so why has the temperature gone down.
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An immersion heater is screwed into the water tank directly. It is a more expensive way of heating water. The immersion heater runs on electricity and is wired to a source of electricity through an isolating switch. It also has a thermostat to control the water temperature. You can install a timer in your immersion heater which will enable the heater at a set time to heat the water. The electronic action of the instrument immersed inside water produces heat through electricity and thus heats the water. The warm water rises up and gets collected in a cylinder which is set above the tank. The cold water, underneath, gives hot water the necessary pressure to go out of the cylinder, into the pipe line and come out through an open tap straight to your bathroom.

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