I Have A Maytag Dryer. Does It Have A Pilot Light And If So Where Is It Located? Model MDG8600AWW.


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Dryers do not have pilot lights. If your clothes are not drying, chances are there is a clog somewhere preventing proper air circulation. First, check the lint trap. If it has not been cleaned lately, it will stop adequate heat from reaching the clothes. Second, check the venting hose that comes out of the back (typically) of the unit. There is nothing in there that can bite you, reach your hand in and see if dander has accumulated. If so, pull it out. Last, if the first two suggestions don't solve it, go to where your drier vents outside. It is common for leaves and debris to settle just inside the venting shaft. Clear it out. Careful, A few years ago, we found a birds nest with eggs in it in our outside vent. A birds nest is as bad as it should get. Many other animals avoid these areas.

Good luck!
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Oh ye of little experience. Dryers can have pilots (really old models very rare these days). Could be a bad ignitor. If you're getting heat, its probrably a blocked flue( hose, vent termination etc.) if no heat, most likely bad ignitor or sensor. Yeah, probrably isn't anything that can hurt you but depending where you live it could be. I've pulled rattle snakes out of dryer venting, oppossums,mice. Things can bite you but probrably wont. Have your wife check those areas.
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I have a maytag dryer model ldg8000aaw does it have a pilot light and if so where is it located

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