How Many Miles From South Carolina To Missouri?


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There are many possible answers to how many miles it is from South Carolina to Missouri. Each depends on which parts of each state you are measuring from and whether you are measuring as-the-crow-flies (in a straight line) or whether you are intending to travel via the interstate.

Starting from the midpoint of each state and traveling in a straight line as an airplane would travel, the distance between the two is around 1065.19 kilometers or 661.88 miles.

However, if you measure from Walhalla in the north-west of South Carolina to the city of Cooter in the south-east of Missouri, the distance is only 628.5 kilometers or 390.5 miles.

Alternatively, if you measure from Hilton Head island South Carolina, to Lower Hamburg Bend Conservation Area Missouri, the distance can be as great as 1637.73 kilometers (1017.64 miles).

The distance between the two state capitals of Columbia, South Carolina and Jefferson City, Missouri is 1122.37 kilometers (697.4 miles).

These distances, however, are only applicable if you can travel directly between the two points in a straight line, via airplane for example. The actual distances traveled by road are often greatly increased.

For example, to travel on the road between Jefferson City and Columbia would cover a distance of 1408.18 kilometers (875 miles) and take around 14 hours 40 minutes to complete in a car traveling at an average speed of around 60mph.

Traveling between Hilton Head Island, SC to Lower Hamburg Bend Conservation, MO via the interstate and road network would mean traveling a distance of 1965 kilometers (1221 miles) and would take around 20 hours 20 minutes to complete.

By contrast, traveling from Walhalla, South Carolina to Cooter, Missouri in the car is considerably less of a trek; a distance of 830.42 kilometers (516 miles) taking around 9 hours and 3 minutes to complete.

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