How Many Air Force Pilots Died In Iraq?


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Out of the 51 Air Force personnel who were killed in uniform while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, 25 of them died in aircraft that had either crashed or were shot down. The rest of them had fallen to improvised explosive devices (which is abbreviated as IED's) or due to other causes on the ground.

About five thousand Air Force personnel are doing the jobs that were traditionally performed by Army and Marine Corps personnel, such as driving vehicles or protecting supply convoys or disarming improvised explosive devices (which are abbreviated as IED's) when they are detected.

It is for this reason that the Air Force has an additional couple of weeks to vital training in order to impart the additional lessons to the recruits in such skills are ground combat skills and the use of personal weapons which are used in combat. That is one of the major changes which the culture in the service has undergone in the recent times. It is also a definite change in the dangers that its ground personnel have to face.

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