What Does The Name Mercedes Mean?


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The meaning of Mercedes is actually 'Merciful'. The name originates from the Spanish language. Whether you're thinking about having a baby, you have a baby on the way and you need to get a name ready for your new arrival, or you're simply curious as to the meaning and origin of your name, then exploring the meanings can be really interesting. Finding where your name actually came from, what it means in different languages and what it translates to in different areas can be really fun and it's really fun to do online. Whilst I have provided you with the most common and understood meaning of Mercedes, you may find many other answers out there and hence it can be fun to carry on searching for what people say about the origins of your name.

The Internet can provide you with all the answers you need these days, meaning that all these different opinions and facts that surround your name are literally at the end of your fingertips. You should use one of the numerous websites that are available for researching baby names. With the new information that you find from these sites (whether you're using baby name sites that provide only that service, or an online encyclopedia like Wikipedia), you will also be able to choose the perfect name for you new baby. You'll also just be able to find out some interesting information surrounding the name that your parents gave you at birth,

If you believe that your name has a local connection then you can go to your local library and ask to see if they have any historical documents or reports available for viewing by the pubic. If there are any available then they will inform you and help you in finding the information that you want to find out.
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Mercedes is a name which befits a girl. The word has a Spanish origin, meaning "mercy". It is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, MarĂ­a de las Mercedes, implying" Mary of Mercies." The name is pronounced as "mer-SE-dhes."

Mercedes was the name of two Oscar winning actresses: Mercedes McCambridge who won an Oscar in 1949 and Mercedes Ruehl, who was awarded an Oscar in the year 1991. It is also the name of the lost love of Edmond Dantes in the highly acclaimed literary work ""The Count of Monte Cristo". The German luxury car by the name Mercedes needs no introduction. Name analysts believe the bearer of the name Mercedes to be intelligent and witty.
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I also happen to be a Mercedes. It's also a German name, but incredibly out of date so you rarely, if ever, see the German usage anymore, it's pronounced: Muer-tzay-deez. It means intelligent and strong-willed.
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The word Mercedes means beautiful and talented and my names Mercedes and I'm awesome  so peace out peoples love Mercedes:)
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My name is mercedes 2
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Omg!!! Thats my name too and thats what Im named after .... The story behind the Mercedes benz is that the man who made the Mercedes Benz, daughter was named Mercedes and so he named his car Mercedes ... Also because he said his daughter was beautiful and so was the car.
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My name is Mercedes also. I don't know what it means but other people like it so I guess I should too. !!! MERCEDES ROCKS!!!

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