How Do You Fix A Harmonic Balancer Or Are There Any Web Sites That I Can Go To Help Repair A 1983 Porsche 928s?


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Randy Zwicker answered
You don't fix it you replace it. If it ain't broke don't fix is the phrase.
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Mary Frederick answered
Yes, here a several sites where you can go to seek help withthe repair of your harmonic balancer on your Porsche. looks like agood place to begin because of the stpe-by-step repair guide you will find there. The Harmonic Balnacer repair in the second set of directions.

If you need the part this site has a Harmonic balancer for a Porsche 928s, 1983 as of today.

If you have an Auto Zone parts stroe near you can also get help from them. There is some do it yourself information on their site This website discusses the repair, replacement of a harmoic balancer or vibration damper, another name for harmonic balancer.

There are more sites available to you. Enter harmonic balancer/Porsche into a search bar and you will find more help.

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