What Is The World's Longest Tram, Or Streetcar?


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The Combino Supra, manufactured by Siemens, is the world's longest tram. Different versions of the Combino are used in several cities in Germany, as well as in Amsterdam, Basel, Bern, Poznan, Verona Melbourne and in downtown Budapest, on tram lines 4 and 6. The special version of the Combino used in Budapest (the Combino Supra Budapest ) are 54 meters long and 2.4 meters wide, making it the world's longest streetcar.

The Combino trams are known worldwide for their low-level floors, wide doors and darkened windows. The first prototype was created and tested in the German city of Dusseldorf in 1996.

Budapest's 4 - 6 tram line is among the busiest in the entire world, transporting over 220,000 passengers each day. The Budapest Transport Corporation (BKV) ordered a total of 40 Combino Supra trams. These will gradually replace the older Ganz trams, which are used on most major lines in downtown Budapest.

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