We have two seasons here, winter and road construction. How bad is it getting around in your area?


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Our main artery into the city, the surrounding industrial areas and shopping centers has been going through construction rebuilding for about 4 years and they say there is another 7 years to go until completion.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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What a pain. We have a main artery like that too. The center of the cities are really bad. The new bridge across the Mighty Miss will take 4-5 more years.
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I try to avoid that road at all costs.
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We have 5 seasons here. Spring, summer, fall, winter and shocks and ball joint replacement. Compared to neighboring states, Pennsylvania has the worst state roads. The US roads are not quite as bad. In my opinion there is not enough road construction in my area.

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Illinios is pretty crappy too. Actually, in lots of areas Illinois is pretty crappy, especially in the Springfield area.
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There are some potholes around here that could wreck a motorcycle and swallow the rider. (Just a bit of exaggeration on the rider part.). :)
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As a Pennsylvanian myself, I could agree more MM.
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We have four seasons here.  Winters are fairly mild, with temps rarely dipping into the low 30's and never for more than a day.  Summers are brutal with temps often three digits.  I could do with less summer.

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We are pretty much one season.... Summer! But as far as construction goes it seems the freeways are always being widened.

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Road construction in houston never ends just look at fm290

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We really have only two seasons.  Winters are so mild most of the time a sweater is all you need. But, good gosh it gets hot in the summer.

Some construction jobs are retiring positions for folks.  The I75/I16 spilt is taking 10 years to complete.

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