Should I buy a Ford Mustang?


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Very beautiful. You could race echooos and I down the street in our mustangs.

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Ancient Hippy answered

Holy crapolla, that is one beautiful car. You only live once, go for it.

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PJ Stein answered

I would! Blurtit people seem to be Mustang people. I have one too. Mine is older than everyone else's. It is a 1998 convertible.  Hubby got it for me for our first anniversary gift.

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John Richter answered

I've been building Mustangs since about 1978, first the 60's and 70's models, then Fox bodies...never cared for the 4th gen cars (94-04) but I came back into the fold with the '05 and later 5th gen cars, which ran until 2014. I have owned a couple of dozen Mustangs over the last 40 years, most built for road racing and occasional track time. Generally I build an engine that puts out 600-800hp at the flywheel, then add NOS and a Tremec TKO behind it to get the power to the wheels. Swap the 8.8 diff for a 9 inch so it all holds together, and that will get you an honest 1000hp to the wheels on NOS.

You have to realize that pre-2005 Mustangs- other than a few 60's and 70's models- were not in themselves great cars. They simply were a V8 platform that a hotrodder could build on- lighter than the Camaro, cheaper than the 'Vette, it is a builder's car, not an out-of-the-box racecar. Excluding the new models, particularly the GT500. Although, truth be known, you can buy a stock V8 Mustang and build a faster car than the GT500 for less money.

Still, fun cars, they feel fast to people who don't really KNOW fast, and the later models handle well and are loaded with creature comforts. Enjoy!

One of my current 'stangs, above. It was a rustbucket barn find when I started it.

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Gather all possible information about two or three models you'll like best of all. Search for some info on the net. You can look here f.e. . And never believe the salespersons' crew. Always check everything and every word by yourself. Good hunting!

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I have asked many and still have not received a normal answer. I live in Europe, in a village not far from the mountains, then in my case, it is best to use an ATV. For him, I bought a special Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 Rear Box in the store Now I can take my things on any trip!

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