What 5 songs are on the top of your road trip playlist?


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Woof Woofy
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they have a lot of fun songs ^_^ ..

truthfully, i exaggerated my fandomness on blurtit- i portray myself (on here) to be a bigger fan than than what i actually am in real life but i still enjoy their music. (whenever i see a music question, it gives me an excuse to post Spice Girls stuff because its somewhat cheeky and i want to be that way)
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what about 2 become 1?
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its a good song too. they also have Too Much, Time Goes By, Weekend Love, Goodbye, Headlines (Friendship never ends), Oxygen, Viva Forever, Let Love Lead The Way, Mama (these are some their other Ballads- if you like 2 Become 1).. Some Good hidden B-Sides that no one knows about- Walk Of Life, Take Me Home (this song is dark and mysterious), Baby Come Around, Step To Me (i like this song lots), Bumper To Bumper (i think this song is cheeky), Outer Space Girls... Unreleased demos from the Forever era- WOMAN (live at Earls Court), A Day In Your Life, Give You What You Want (If It's Lovin On Your Mind), Pain Proof, Right Back At Ya (pop version).. Other Unreleased tracks- Is This Love, Can't Stay Tonight, Don't Wannabe, We're Gonna Make It Happen.
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Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Ramblin' Man by the Allman Brothers

Movin' On by Bad Company

City of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie

Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

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  1. God Bless The USA - Lee Greenwood
  2. How 'Bout Them Cowgirls - George Strait
  3. Helluva Life - Frankie Ballard
  4. Lay Low - Josh Turner

I find that Country music makes for awesome road trip music!

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I do audio books instead of music.

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