Are car alarms effective in deterring theft?


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Maybe at one point but I think people are so used to hearing them go off now that no one really notices, maybe not even care anymore.

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Not where I am from. I have never seen anyone other than the owner of t.he car rush to the car when the alarms go off. Most people just complain about the noise

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We were woken from sleep last year when the car alarm on the people carrier on the driveway opposite went off. The owner appeared after a couple of minutes, cancelled the alarm and went back to bed without any further investigation. Why is this story significant? He's a policeman.
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That goes along with the old addage, "you find more leaky pipes in a plumber's house."
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No, they go off all the time even with the slightest touch. One in our complex used to go off hourly.

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There is no one hard and fast rule.  They do cause 'attention' to be focused towards the location of the alarm .. But, it does not always cause the 'looker' to even consider that something is going on that shouldn't be, nor does it cause them to act on it.  Even if there was a crime being committed, people would have a tendancy to 'not want to get involved' or approach the situation .. However, they could probably be a witness to the facts (after the fact).

Having an alarm would cause unwanted attention to a potential crime scene .. because no thief wants to be identified .  So, to answer your question .. yes, it has the potential to act as a deterent.

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Do you have a car alarm that is key activated?

If you do not have a home alarm, do this.

When you go to bed tonight keep your keys next

to your bed. If you feel your security is being compromised,

activate your car alarm. This will not only serve to protect you

and your family but will also bring attention to the surrounding

area that a problem exist.

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Car alarms are effective in stopping most thieves. Noise makes people run. However the flashing blue or red light of an auto alarm system warns the professional that he/she will have to tow the vehicle to a safe house in order to disarm it in privacy. Remember if a professional wants your car they will take it.

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