a girl pulled out of her parking spot and put a huge dent in the side of my car. She's clearly at fault and her cop dad refuses to help me fix it. How do I get money from them to fix it? I think that's bs if I have to pay for her damage.


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Well that's why you write down their license plate and ask for their insurance number. Then you call your insurance to report an accident and claim.

Was that hard?

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You have to make a police report so you have a record of the accident. You also have to call your insurance company and report it.  You don't deal directly with her or her Dad .. Cop or not. 

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Elizabeth Dorsch
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I didn't get anything cuz she was in a hurry and told me that she'd pay for the damages and to just call her dad. But of course now I'm screwed
Barb Cala
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I would call your insurance agent and let them advise you. You always have to get a police report when you have an accident .. your fault or theirs. Minimally get their license plate number if you can't get their DL# and Insurance Info. Good Luck.
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Alright. Thank you so much!
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First, notify your Insurance Company and then the Police Dept to make a Police report and if necessary talk to her Dads Supervisor. Just don't lie about anything here and if necessary tell her Dad youre ready to go to your local newspaper help dept but by now it could be your word against theirs but depends on how bad you want your car fixed. Time to pulkl out all stops. Good luck

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You asked this question twice. 1 under Anonymous and your name.

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