If a storage yard sells my vehicle in a lien sale, will I still owe any back rent that was owed them that incurred before the lien sale in that storage yard in the sacramento,ca area?Thanks for any help in this matter!


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Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered

I am guessing you meant "back rent" (and not "bank rent") ... NO.  The lien and sale was to take care of any money you owed them.

Coyote Hunter Profile
Coyote Hunter answered

I used to work in a wrecking yard. If the wrecking yard sold the vehicle in a lien sale it was for the money you owe them, towing and storage fees. It has nothing to do with the money you owe others and you will still owe them. If I'm understanding this question correctly.

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Mel Brandle answered

If you owe a storage facility some money, and they sell the car to gain back money on it then it really depends on what the management's rules are. You should check your contract to see what is written about your property in the case of non-payment and forfeiture.

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