Why does everyone in Texas have to have a pickup truck?


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Maurice Korvo answered

It's cattle country, just like here in Alberta. My granddaughter  bought her first truck at 15, and it sat in the driveway for 6 months till she became 16 and got her licence.  Cattle country and oil country seems to add up to trucks

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The only reason I owned a pickup whenI lived in TX was because I bought it when I lived in FL. I needed a pick up in FL so I could toss my beach chair and beach cruiser bike in the back. Then I could just hose all the sand away when I got home,

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Ancient Hippy answered

Texans need something to pull their house trailers with.

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Not sure.

There's the old joke of the bartender in a small Texas bar who announces " Will the owner of the pick-up truck with a cracked windshield please go out and shut off your head lights ? "

~ Everyone stands up and goes and checks ~ :)

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