Should I help my neighbors (who I've never met) buy a new tire to replace a spare they have been driving on for 4 months? Winter snow is coming and I worry for their safety.


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Yes, I think that would be very kind. Do it completely anonymously. Make up a simple story and help them with a new tire. That would be fabulous.

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Lard Ass answered

Of course you should. If you have the means to do so, and they will accept your gift, then yes. If they are reluctant to accept a gift, then allow them to make small payments to you....$5-$10 dollars here and there.

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If you can afford it you should. What a lovely gesture.... Make it a random act of kindness and just leave the tire on their doorstep anonymously.

( You are beautiful )

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Worry not only for THEIR safety, but for anyone they share the road with .. Including your own loved ones.

Nothing wrong with helping someone in need  .. It is a win win situation .. Only good can result from it.

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