Does it make sense to rent a car just for an all around 8 hour drive in order to "not put wear and tear on yours"?


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I know people that have done that, especially when car rentals have a weekend special.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

A good amount of our customers at Enterprise Rent A Car actually do this. In fact, during my time with Triangle Rent A Car, we actually used that as part of our advertising.

In case that is confusing: I was hired by Triangle Rent A Car and became part of Enterprise when they bought out our company. I really need a new job...

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It really depends on the size/type of the vehicle you rent. I am taking such a trip on Sunday and it is 500 miles round trip. I will be driving my husband's SUV that is far from great on gas mileage. I think it get 23/mpg on the highway. Sure I could rent an economy car that gets twice as many miles per gallon, and probably get it at a reasonable rate. The gas savings alone could pay for most of it. I however need the space in an SUV because I am rescuing a 55 lb. Dog. To rent an SUV the cost goes WAY up, and there will be little if any gas savings to off set the cost of renting. 500 miles is really negligible in the grand scheme of wear and tear.

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SuperFly Original
Yeah I agree and odd coincidence, she is picking up a dog as well. Probably gonna pick the cheapest one there*
SuperFly Original
Hmm you sure you need an SUV for that?
PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
I want room for a large crate. So yes, I need one that big. I hope to keep the crate folded and put away but since this pup has never been in a car for more than a trip to the vet, I want to keep my options open.
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Not to me … the "wear and tear" on a car, for an 8-hour drive, is less than the cost of renting a car.

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