What if I abandon my fifth wheel in the Houston area. It has no title and tags have been out since 2003. What happens if I leave it at an RV park?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

The Vehicle ID number of the 5th wheel will be traced back to you and you could be sued for costs to remove so be prepared. If you own it scot free, you may be better off taking it to a junk yard and selling it for scrap metal

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Natalie Holeman answered

I am assuming you are not talking about an actual fifth wheel, the coupling would not be titled, rather a trailer.

As Arthur Wright indicates if the trailer has ever been registered or titled, that can be traced possibly be traced (depends on how long ago and whether the records are still maintained, computer records now tend to be maintained often for 30+ years).

Please note that most states require salvage yards to be presented with either a title or registration before they may buy a vehicle for salvage. 

You could sell it for junk or if in operational condition even horrible repair, get a copy of the title or a quick title and sell the trailer on Craig's list.  I would expect a title would cost less than $200 and you can probably sell it for well over that.  Even if you feel the trailer is unrepairable a salvage yard will probably allow you to recoup most if not all the cost of the title.  If not, the cost of the title is still much less than possible fines, charges for towing, and/or litigation if you just abandon it.

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