How to fix a scratched CD Disc?


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Furniture polish is supposed to be good because it "fills in" the scratches and is non-abrasive. I've used it and it certainly does not make things worse. Choose a non-coloured or light-coloured type. If you use a spray polish, test it on  a waste CD first, in case the solvent in the aerosol damages the surface. (It didn't when I used it).

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I've heard anything from a banana peel, plain white toothpaste to rubbing compound will help get rid of scratches on a CD.  I don't know if any of those things work. I guess you'd have to try one and see...

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Ray Dart
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Toothpaste and rubbing compound are both abrasives. Won't they make the shiny surface a bit cloudy (and hence worse)?
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Like i said i haven't used any of them before so i don't know if they work or not. The white toothpaste should not be a gel, whitening or with baking soda in it. The banana peel one i just saw in one of my magazines that receive.... (:
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Most things that may work on a CD will not work on a Blu Ray, due to them having a harder coating on them.
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I've heard things like vaseline and even toothpaste can help a scratched CD.

Having had many scratched CDs in my time, I can't really vouch for anything working all that well.

These solutions may cover the "gaps", preventing the CD from whirring around till it gives up (as I remember my CD player doing), but it's not going to replace the data being read from the CD, the only way to do that is to create a new CD.

In the age of digital technology, that seems to be your best option, providing you have the original files stored somewhere, or are able to get hold of them.

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