Is there is any special maintenance required for Mazda cars?

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Mazda is a highly sophisticated driving car. It definitely needs special care to enhance its performance and longevity. Check engine oil level regularly.  Test the tire pressure often. Replace other fluids in your car such as coolant, brake, transmission fuels. 

Avoid long periods of idling and heavy acceleration, excessive engine revving. Schedule timely appointment with the Mazda dealers for service to the keeps your Mazda in optimum condition and ensure each part performs to its maximum level. 

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Every make of car has its own eccentricities and special maintenance issues, and Mazda is no exception. The most extreme example that springs to mind is Jaguar - who can forget the episode of Mad Men when the Sterling Cooper agency win the Jaguar account, only to wonder how they'll advertise a car infamous for not being able to start?

To judge by, the Mazda cars most likely to cause problems are the Tribute, MPV and the 626, so look in on that site to learn more.

Help is at hand for Mazda owners however, with a number of online communities run by Mazda users and experts. Why not join up to one of the following, and if there are issues with your Mazda, you've got an instant and knowledgeable forum to consult.

  • - founded in 1988 and based in Chicago, with members recommendations, a regular club magazine and optional members only services. Join and get a free t-shirt or CD!
  • - has an active forum of ongoing discussions related to Mazda technical issues, but with sections on insurance and Mazda news as well.
  • - no special features, just purely a discussion forum for Mazda owners.
  • - a similar site to mazda6club, but for Mazda owners throughout the English-speaking world.

This YouTube user bought a Mazda Tribute, and made a film about the problems he experienced with it:

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