How Old Were You When You First Learned To Ride A Bike?


10 Answers

Feifei Hou Profile
Feifei Hou answered
Let me's funny, when i was 8 year old, i learned to ride a bike just after falling down..
Wendy Profile
Wendy answered
I was about 6 or 7 years old. My dad helped me. I was pretty scared because I knew he was going to let go. I just had that feeling. But once I got up enough speed I was ok. What great feeling it was to get my balance on the bike.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I was about 5, we have a very slight hill on our back yard so it wasn't too scary. I cant believe how old some people are when they first rode. I drove a car for the first time when i was 8 (i couldn't see over the steering wheel)
amy lin Profile
amy lin answered
I was 7 years old.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I was 7, my daughters just learned how 8 & 5
Cheryl Regina Villanueva Profile
I'm so sorry to disappoint dear...but until now at age 49 I don't know how to ride a bike. I'm scared of falls, bruises, scratches...and pains.

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