Who Was The First President Of Madagascar And When Was He Elected?


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Philibert Tsiranna was the first president of Madagascar and he was elected in the year 1960. He was the first president after Madagascar got independence and served as the President for 12 years. He was reelected in the year 1972, but was forced to resign because of the continuous demonstration against his government.

The political instability was very much became the order of the day in Madagascar and the country saw the whirligig of presidential chair when the new president also had to hand over the power to Lt Col Richard Ratsimandrava in the year 1975. But he, too, was assasinated only after 6 days of his regime. Didier Ratsiraka became the new president and he ruled for sixteen years.
Ratsiraka managed to do it because of his authoritarian rule where he tolerated little opposition.
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Once upon a time there was a magic man called Joe. He was the first  and last president of Madagascar before it was blown apart into bazillions of pieces. The end.

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