How Does An Athlete Train For Luge?


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During the off-season, a luge athlete will mostly work on developing strength as it pertains to improving the luge start.  This involves quite a bit of time in the weight room.  This strength then is transitioned into explosive and speed-strength into the fall.  Athletes will also practice the start motion and work on their technique on indoor refrigerated start ramps.  There usually is some sort of wheel sledding during the summer, where athletes will slide down the track on specially modified sleds with wheels instead of steel runners.  The off-season is also when athletes will work on their actual sleds, repairing them or working on new designs.  During the actual luge season, athletes will spend most of their time sliding on ice and perfecting their form and technique.  They'll work to transition and apply the strength they have gained in the off-season to the specific movements of their sport.  Quite a bit of time will also be spent working on their sleds, changing set-ups and polishing their steels.

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