Where Is The Location Of The Antenna Moter On A Montero Sport Limited Edition, And How Do I Disconnect It?


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The antenna motor is accessed by undoing the special fastener at the base of the mast. You will see four indentations into one of these carefully insert a screwdriver or needle nose pliers and undo the fastener. Watch you don't scratch the paintwork.

To withdraw the mast, turn on the ignition but be careful you don't get hit in the eye! It is now possible to fit a new antenna mast by having the ignition turned off while you feed the new mast into the opening. See this step by step guide

Antenna motor problems are quite common with the Montero. Normally, the antenna motor gear is okay, the problem is usually the nylon runner on the mast which becomes brittle over time and breaks. This results in the antenna being extended but not retracted. The easiest access to the antenna motor itself is from the front wheel well.

But check out more about the Montero's antenna motor problems at Montero Sport online forum.
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The antenna motor on a Montero Sport Limited Edition is located on the passenger side under the dash board. In order to disconnect the antenna motor the antenna motor-ECU connector will have to be disconnected. It should be checked to see that the antenna extends normally when the battery's positive terminal is linked up with the terminal number one and that its negative terminal is connected to the second terminal. The antenna should retract when this connection is reversed. It is important to have a working knowledge of car wiring to indulge in repair work. Other wise it is best to have a professional to look at the vehicle.

The interior panel of a Mitsubishi Montero is believed to be very plain looking however there is ample room in the interiors.

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