What Is A Blowtorch Used For?


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A blowtorch is ususally used for either paint stripping or soldering. Soldering is joining two metals together, on a larger scale it is called welding, but in the domestic setting it is referred to as soldering.
Paintstripping using a blowtorch is relatively straightforward, although care should be taken to avoid any areas of paint near glass, since the glass may crack with the heat. It is usually a good idea to wear protective goggles when using a blowtorch.
The blowtorch should be kept a few inches away from the paint, but at a distance where the heat is enough to blister the paint without damaging the surface under it.
It is also important to use a chemical paint stripper after a blow torch, since if stripper is used first then the surface could ignite when the torch is used.
Soldering is a more complex process since you are joining metal together by running a molten alloy between them and there is a real risk of the heat transmitting down the metal at an incredibly fast rate. For this reason it is best to take some specific advice about the materials you wish to weld together.

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