How Do You Disarm And Air Bag?


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Why would you want to disarm an airbag in the first place?

This is a safety device, and by its explosive nature not something for the non-specialist to be tampering with in any case. The safest option would be to take your car to the dealer and have them remove the air bag. However, they will probably be reluctant to do so without good cause. It could also infringe the terms of the manufacturer's warranty on your vehicle. And the airbag warning light on the dash will be permanently lit.

If it is the driver's airbag you are referring to, one possible solution would be to replace the steering wheel with the steering wheel from an earlier non-air bag model, or change the existing wheel for an after-market steering wheel. The latter option will most likely involve fitting an adapter. The resale value of the vehicle may also be compromised too.

There is a site that gives a step by step guide to disarming an airbag in a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville. This give some idea of what is involved, but not necessarily be applicable to your vehicle in every detail.

Please note that disarming an airbag is completely at your own risk and may invalidate your car insurance.
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People just want to knw how to disarm the airbag temporarly so they can fix something that needs fixing in the steering wheel. One example would replacing the IGNITION LOCK CYLINDER, people don't want the air bag going off in their face and get injured while trying to do this.

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