If a trash dumps can create methane then why are not trash trucks modified to run on methane?


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They already do that here (in the UK). Shanks McEwen run a facility at Brogborough (in Bedfordshire)  which generates methane, that is used to heat a "digester" that generates more methane. At the moment the "spare" methane is being "flared off" but ultimately it is intended to introduce it into the domestic gas supply. This process will be introduced to a number of sites in the UK over the next 5 years. It is expected that "reclaimed" methane will make up to 6% of the domestic supply in the future.
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Woo hoo !somebody used their head over there. Americans must have a brain blockage for using common sense.i am not the sharpest kid on the block ,but even i can see this makes sense, i mean free fuel as byproduct of collecting/managing waste trash.
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Obama won't allow it. They all ready tried.
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Mr president obama can't dictate what a business uses to become self sufficient/make profit unless it is a national/ threat.just syaing this is why people are outraged at him trying to tell everyone they have to buy health insurance/creating a monopoly for health care agencies.just thinking out loud.
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Join the club. He is getting way to big for his britches. All this talk in the news about 50% unemployment and 100% inflation is scaring the day lights out of me!!

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