How do I scare my girlfriend and make her cry?


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Chlo Stanley Profile
Chlo Stanley answered
Wow you sound like such a good boyfriend!
NOT. Seek help you freak.
I feel sorry for the poor girl, I hope she leaves.
Harold Raby Profile
Harold Raby answered
Just make sure you have the nerve to do it in front of her family.
richard Leonard Profile
richard Leonard answered
Ok ok yes its not nice to want to scare your GF, and its not nice at all to want to make her cry,Really I never want to make my wife cry!  But here is what happened to me, it was Halloween, and I thought it would be funny to scare my wife like jump out in the lounge and give her a fright with a masked suite was a bad idea...she did get a fright alright..but she pepper sprayed me..then Tazered me and literally beat the [email protected]# out of me, I woke up about 20minutes later. Never did that again. She did feel bad though, cause I was like..THAT WAS A LITTLE OVER THE TOP!!!!! And she cried, then I forgave we happily married:-) it was just a joke, that didn't go very well for me.  SO careful it might not go as planned, she might just stab you!
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Britt bb answered
Awww! :C Light teasing is okay, but making her cry is not! If you really loved her, you would care more for her feelings. So... No more making her cry, ye hear? And that goes for her cousin, too. Just tease her lightly from now on, because hurting your gf's feelings is a serious offense... To me, at least.
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Bambi Deer answered
Is that very nice?
Molly Profile
Molly answered
Why the [email protected]#! Would you want to do that?!!! Break up with her if you don't want to be with her, don't torture her!! I feel sorry for her. You don't deserve her>

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
What kind of guy woulkd ever want to do this to his GF?  You must feel like a real man here wanting to do this and hopefully she gets rid of your sorry person here
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margaux franco answered
Tell her you have a full blown leprosy and a.I.d.s.... But be sure to tell her after you are only joking
alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
Why on earth would you want to do that? You doesnt deserve her! Thats really mean. Most people ask "how can I make my girlfriend love me more" not "how do I torture her?"!
joan saviour Profile
joan saviour answered
You must watch the movie scream ,

then you will know what happened to drew barry moore .

Try it to your girlfriend

make her cry don't kill her
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Ryan Martin answered
Thats just sad man, one of the saddest things ive read in a long time man, grow up and stop being an idiot, personally if someone tried to scare me and make me cry id knock seven shades of **** out of em..
Nicki Marie Profile
Nicki Marie answered
Say your Going To Kill your Self because She______ (Put Somthing She Doesnt Do Often N you Want Her To Do For You)
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Lexi answered
Haha erm WOW...why would you want to do that? You could just break up with her if you don't love her you know, making her cry wouldnt really get you anywhere. No offence but she deserves better than a jerk like you.
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Kathryn James answered
Ok don't deserve a girlfriend if you just want to make her cry....I hope someone punches you in the face for that!!!

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