How much cheaper can you get from Duty Free shops in the airports?


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You have to be a bit careful in the UK. Much of the stuff on sale in Dixons, whilst cheaper than their high street outlet (now called Curry's Digital) is still not as cheap as you can buy on the internet. The same applies to things like luggage and fashion accessories. Cigarettes, perfume and spirits ARE cheaper, although you might find some of the wine just as cheap at Oddbins or Bargain Booze.
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You need to understand the concept of "duty" and then you'll be able to answer your questions yourself. Duty protects the commerce of the country that charges you duty. If you buy some made-in-Canada liquor in the USA, that liquor is competing for American consumption with American-made liquor. So if you buy a fifth of Canadian Club instead of Jim Beam, who loses? Jim Beam, right? And Americans make the Jim Beam. So the USA imposes ATF fees (similar to "duty") on any Canadian Club sold in the USA, to make Jim Beam a bit more competitive. As a consumer, I choose Jim Beam because it's a couple of dollars cheaper than Canadian Club. Buy primark manchester opening times! Official store website information. UK Shoppers browse Primark's Catalogue, locations & 2017 clothing for Men, Women & Children.

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The price can be the same, but your savings is in not paying the duty.

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