What Are The Positive And Negative Effects Of Railroads?


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During the 1800's, the appearance of railroads in the United States brought up a lot of solutions and problems. Railroads had many positive and negative effects on society. For some it made it much more convenient to get around. For others, building the railroads brought along property issues. Around the time, railroads were basically heaven sent for settlers from the west. On the bad side of things, a lot of the Native American Indians went to war because the railways crossed Indian land and the settlers that had to come into the land through the railroads. The railroads had negative effects on the buffalo herds because the trains killed the buffalo and that meant; less food for the Native Americans. Railroad workers put their lives at risk everyday. They worked in extremely bad conditions; 10 hours a day, 6 days a week-with low wages. When their wage was cut 10%, they went on strike. Many of the railroad owners took advantage of the workers and people who had less or no power at all, to get what they wanted.


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