What Does Caricature Mean?


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Caricature is a literary or pictorial representation of someone in which their unique or characteristic features are purposely exaggerated for grotesque or comical effect. The term caricature means a 'loaded portrait'. The term is only applied to representations of real life people and does not apply to any fictional characters like cartoons for instance.

They can either be complimentary or insulting depending on the nature of the representation. In a good caricature the subject is easy to identify. Caricatures may be used to present a satirical opinion of a politician or even for the purpose of harmless entertainment. For example creationists made a caricature of Charles Darwin with a monkey's body to poke fun at his theory of the evolution of man from apes. Some noted caricaturists include George Cruikshank, Honore Daumier, Thomas Nast and David Levine.

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