How can unlock scrambled channel on strong free to air decoder srt 4669x?


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If the channels that you are trying to access are scrambled and need to be unlocked with a code, this means that they are very unlikely to be ones that you can access for free. If you have paid for the channels and they are still scrambled and locked, then you will need to contact your television provider to determine the cause of the problem. They should then be able to help you regain access to the channels that you are entitled to. If you are trying to access channels that are not free of charge and you have not paid for, this is a strict violation of your contract with the television provider. This is considered illegal and could cause you to be fined, or something more serious, further down the line.

Free to air television services are designed to allow an audience, who has the correct viewing equipment, to watch a certain number of channels without having to subscribe or pay for a membership. While the free to air channels may not require this commitment, often they are delivered through another service that does require some sort of subscription, for example, cable, satellite or the internet. In many cases, a viewer will be paying for these channels either directly, indirectly or by a combination of the two. Viewers may have to pay directly for free to air channels through a television license fee (like the BBC) or via a voluntary donation (some examples include educational channels). Viewers may also pay for the channels indirectly via consumer products and services. By purchasing goods or services that sponsor a television channel, you are indirectly helping to fund it.  Some 'free' television channels are funded by viewers paying for them both directly and indirectly. In the example of the Canadian CBC network, taxpayers money partly funds the channels, while commercial advertising pays for the rest.
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You can use 0000 for the decoder if its installation menu is lock, otherwise look for qualified person to installed for you bcos free to air does not have any lock

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