Did Rose From The Titanic Really Throw The Purple Stone Locket Into The Atlantic Ocean When She Was Older?


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She did but she threw it were jack died such a sad story unbelievable
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Yes and I can't believe that movie got eleven academy awards, I can't really tell if the movies fiction or not oh well! But everyone knows it was a real ship ! Duh
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In the movie she did yes. But these people never existed in real life
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Yes she did in the movie
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In the movie she did.  But she was not a real person, just a made up character for the movie.  But there were a lot of wealthy people aboard and lots of valuable stuff was lost forever.  But the number of human lives lost was staggering.
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Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson were fictional characters that never really sailed on the Titanic. The historical facts were so well blended with  the hollywood love story, that its easy to confuse fact from fiction. In the movie, Rose does drop the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace in the Atlantic ocean. Ive always thought they did that to leave the story open for a sequel.. Perhaps so the explorer could someday really find it.

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