I Haven't Heard From My Boyfriend In A Week, I Called And Text Him No Answer, Before We Stopped Talking He Told Me That He Is Starting To Get In This Mood Of "Starting Not To Care About Stuff Anymore" What Should I Do?


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Just give him the break he needs , that's what it sounds like .
Be there for him when he comes around and in a few days , just call or e-mail him Only to ask how he is doing , leave the pressure off of him .
He just sound a little confused .

Good luck to you Nerdylozer

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janae colon
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Thank you so much for your help Drummergal, I was thinking the same thing too!
But yeah I guess I'll give him time even if it hurts me
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I think you need to try and talk to him or try and get one of his friends to talk to him for you. When somebody says that they are beginning to not care about anything it is not good. If he refuses to talk to you then tell him that you are going to have to inform someone else because you are worried for him.
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Forgive if I sound a little shallow, but I was about to depart the area, your answer being well covered by good advice, when I noticed your pic, and any dude turn his back on such a pretty, photo-genius girl, well, somebody needs to check his dipstick for oil or something.  Go for it girl, you deserve better!!!
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I'm going through that right now :( I don't know what to do....I've been with this guy for 2years and a month and I last saw him a week ago. Since then I haven't heard from him even though I have text and called him many times. I'm worried he isn't interested anymore or he has found someone else and I've been so upset all week
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I think that if you have not heard form in a week that he is not wanting to be your boyfriend he just does not have the  courage to tell you,, move on and get over this person , you want to be with someone that wants to be with you,, it is better to get out now before it gets worse,,, good luck
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I think you should probably just back off of him for alittle while. Let him think, maybe it's pressure, maybe he just can't be in a relationship right now. Let him have time, if he really cares about you he will come back to you. If he doesnt, then you'll see that clearly when he doesn't speak to you at all.
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Oh my god I had one just like that I broke up with him I found out he was getting into drugs and drinking
so give him a break let ego of him if he cared about you he would spend every second with you that how I looked at it

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I have been through that as well Blonde -- I hope this isn't the case , because you can't fight off drugs when your in a relationship and that can really hurt -- + up

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