Having ordered PEDs for use in their shipping and supply area, Megan must now coordinate PED _________________________ for all users, prior to using the devices?


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PEDs are portable scooters that often used in warehouses in the shipping and supply area as they are small, quick and easy to use which makes them perfect to scoot around a warehouse on. It seems more than likely that the answer to the question would be, ‘Megan must now coordinate PED training for all users, prior to using the devices.’
PED scooters are very easy to use but training must be provided in all professional work environments to avoid liability in the case of an accident. The person in charge will always provide this so they do not get the blame for any damages to stock or an employee which could result in an expensive court case. If someone were to use the scooter in an inappropriate manner, they may fall off and hurt either themselves or the stock around them. Proper training will encourage users to act sensibly on the scooter and teach them to use them properly and also how to look after them properly so they do not get brokem.
PED scooters have been designed specifically to weave around small areas in the most efficient way possible. They are easy to steer and light-weight so they are perfect for business professionals on their commute to work. They can weave around crowded pavements and they can be easily folded away and carried onto a bus or train, into the back of a cab, carried up stairs and safely and neatly stored away once the user reaches their destination.
They are often used in warehouses, particularly large warehouses because they allow workers to quickly travel across the shipping and supply area without making too much noise or taking up too much space. Shipping areas are usually filled with products so steering a larger vehicle through boxes and creates can be awkward, if not impossible. It allows employees to create a small, narrow isle between the products to improve space efficiency. It could take anything up to or above 15 minutes to walk across a large warehouse so using a PED scooter will ensure they workers use their time efficiently as they will not spend half the day walking from one side of the warehouse to another.
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This question is not clear. You need to provide more details so that others can provide answers.
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I suspect the answer you're looking for is "training" as PEDs or Go-PEDs are very helpful when used in warehouses.  These small scooters look a bit like a motorised skateboard with a handlebar or like a very small motorbike/scooter.  They are excellent for improving efficiency in large warehouses and the like as they are small and, when used correctly, a very safe way of getting around at a much quicker rate than walking.  They also take up less room than a bicycle.

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