What Is The Mpg Of A Fiat Seicento Sporting Car?


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The MPG (Miles per Gallon) of a Fiat Seicento is roughly about 33 Miles per Gallon. The Fiat Seicento is being manufactured by Fiat itself. The car was first produced and manufactured in the year 1998. It is still under production and available in the market. However rumors have it that the production of Fiat Seicento could be stopped by the year 2007.

The Fiat Seicento car falls under the 'City Car' category. The length of the car is approximately 3.34 meters. The Fiat Seicento was produced and manufactured as a celebration for the Fiat 600; it was built to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the car. The name Seicento in Italian means 'Six Hundred'. In the year 2007 the Seicento will be replaced by the new car simply termed as 500.

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