What Would An Aluminum Boat Sell For Scrap?


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How much money you would receive for selling your aluminum boat for scrap really depends on the actual size of your boat. If the boat is considerably large, you'll obviously receive more money for it. The aluminum can be recycled for use on other projects and the larger the size, the more can be recycled for better things in the future.

If you want a true estimation for the price of your aluminum boat for scrap money, you need to either go online and search using the name of your town with aluminum scrap yard or recycling and get in contact with them. They may ask you for a picture of your boat or its dimensions before offering you a price. Alternatively, you can consult a phone book and then contact your local aluminum dealer. They may even ask you to bring your boat to the yard before they offer you a price so they can take a proper look at it and estimate the value. If you find that you can't transport the boat to the yard because it is too large, you could ask the dealer to visit your home to look at it, if they are local.

Alternatively, you could put a listing on a website like eBay and see how much you can get from auction on it. Auctioning on eBay means people may give you more money than the dealers might have, given that they may wish to buy it for purposes other than scrap metal, as it could be refurbished and resold again. You do have to sign up and pay a small insertion fee for each item you place on eBay, though there are a number of days about once a month where the insertion fees are lifted and you can list your items for free.

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