The Airport Parking Lot Charges Different Rates For Different Lengths Of Time. One Hour In Short Term Parking Is $5.00 Additional Hours Are $3.00; Any Car Parked Longer Than 24 Hours Is Charged $10.00 An Hour For Any Amount Of Time Exceeding 1 Day. H?


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The maths for this is fairly straightforward.

Hour 1 would be $5

Hours 2-24: Is $3 per hour and so 23 hours times $3 is $69

Hours 25-32: Is $10 and hour and so 8 Hours times $10 is $80

Then adding $5, $69 and $80 together makes $154 which is the amount you would pay in total.

Therefore you are most certainly better off taking your car to long term parking which can be significantly less. The airport, I am sure, is trying to discourage people from parking in short term parking for a substantial length of time. One way of reducing your car park charge is by staying in a hotel the night before as it can not only get rid of the nasty stressful feeling of the night time travel but in many cases reduce the cost of your parking. Many hotels offer discounts on airport parking if you book a hotel room with them. Another tip to save on parking would be to use an offsite airport. Parking provisions offer a quick and efficient shuttle service that runs regularly day and night, and can often be less congested and quicker than those attached to the airport. If you do you research and book early enough you’ll most likely be able to get yourself cheap airport parking 5 minutes walk away from where you need to be.
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Airports can just about charge what they want and theres not much anyone can do about it except accept it

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