The Traffic Problems In Our City And How To Solve Them?


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It is impossible to know which city you are referring to unless it is mentioned, but there are several methods that have been adopted in cities across the world in an attempt to ease traffic and congestion. These include one way systems, toll roads, car-pooling and increased availability of public transport.

  • One way systems

One way systems are designed to try and break up congestion in cities. They do this by sending traffic in one direction instead of two ways. In some places this has been deemed as successful and in others it hasn't. It all comes down to how well the system is implemented.

  • Toll roads

Certain roads will be cordoned off and drivers will only be permitted to use them if they pay what is known as a toll. This will be a small amount of money that will need to be paid in order to gain access to the road. These roads are often main roads and routes that are the quickest.

  • Car-pooling

Car-pooling involves several people traveling in one car as opposed to each individual traveling in their own car. In fact, toll roads are a good incentive for car-pooling because it will cost each individual less if they are all traveling together. Instead they will be able to share the cost between themselves.

  • Increased availability of public  transport

If there is more public transport available and it becomes more accessible it means there are fewer individuals on the road and therefore less traffic. Some cities have also introduced a scheme known as "park and ride". This is where drivers bring their cars to the outskirts of the city, park up and ride the bus into the center.

Solving traffic problems is not easy, but these are some of the methods being applied across the world.
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